Get Organized

Initial Consultation & Project Assessment

$75 One-time fee

The path to organization starts with an initial consultation, where I visit your home or office, assess your situation and get an understanding of your goals. I create a plan of action that includes time expectations and the materials that may be necessary.  The consult generally takes 1-2 hours,  and if you decide that I am the right organizer for you, we will set up a date to put the plan into action.

The wardrobe, closet in which everything put in order. All things are folded neatly. Many boxes. Eve

On-Site Services

$60 per hour

Rates and fees apply to all work that occurs on-site. 

This is where we start walking the path to your goal.  The core values of Cardinal Organizing are simplicity, efficiency, resourcefulness, and honesty, and this is what I will carry first and foremost into your space.

Neat Storage Boxes

Other Services

Donation Drop-off -  $25 per trip

If we are unable to arrange a timely pick-up of your donated items, I am willing to transport your items to a local donation center within 10 miles of your site for you.