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Cathy Adams, Professional Organizer

I'm Cathy Adams, Professional Organizer and owner of Cardinal Organizing, LLC.  During my 20-year career in Organizational Development and Training, I've written manuals, developed learning curricula, and delivered trainings - all of which require a tremendous amount of planning and organization. My guiding values have always been simplicity and efficiency, and those values, accompanied with my organizational skills, led me to become a professional organizer. I'm excited to share these values and skills on a more personal level, outside of the constraints of the corporate environment. 

Do you have an organizing project that you've been avoiding? Do you need to unpack and organize items in your new home? Or do you just have the desire to downsize and simplify? Whether it's a desk, a closet, or an entire room, I'm here to help you transform the chaos into something that serves you.